Panning for genealogical gold? Grab a spot in our Resource Room at IAJGS 2017 Orlando!

If you are serious about online genealogical research, the free resources to be found in our  IAJGS Resource Room are the bargain of the century!  

Hundreds of genealogical databases will be at your fingertips for free during the  conference, including some resources that cannot be found outside of a limited number of institutions in hard to get places, or others that require  expensive subscriptions!

In addition, database specialists from Yad Vashem, ProQuest, MyHeritage, Geni, Family Search, and mentors from  database  hosts such as JewishGen, JRI-Poland, Gesher Galicia, LitvakSIG, LatviaSIG and others will be here to help you zero in on the records you need!



ProQuest Day (Wednesday July 26)

ProQuest, the gold standard in digital historical research limits access to its products to established academic and other established libraries.  But at  IAJGS 2017, ProQuest comes to you!

Bill Forsyth, senior product manager for ProQuest, will be on hand to give three workshops in the Resource Room on our "ProQuest Day". Wednesday July 26th  and will be available for an extended that day to assist IAJGS conference attendees with their research questions using the ProQuest resources.  Further instructions on signing up for Bill's ProQuest demonstrations or to obtain his assistance will be available when you arrive in Orlando for the conference.

To review the the immensely valuable and irreplacable ProQuest databases available in the Resource Room go to our  IAJGS ProQuest Day Resources Page.

Yad Vashem and the ITS Arolsen Archives

Digital access to the prized ITS archives is available only at Yad Vashem, the US Holocaust Museum and a few select institutions around the world.  At IAJGS 2017, the ITS archives come to you!  Yad Vashem specialist Sima Velkovich is flying in from Israel to give four lectures on holocaust related research and to give participants access to the ITS archives and other Yad Vashem resources throughout the week. Sign-up information for consultations with Sima will be available when you arrive in Orlando.

Sunday EXPO! and Subscription Based Archives

On Opening Day, Sunday July 23rd, database providers such as MyHeritage, Family Search, Ancestry and Geni will bring their products to you!  They will give presentations on using their databases in our special exhibitor EXPO! from 9am through 4:15pm (check schedule for details).

Follow up with a visit to our Resource Room, where databases will be available all week in addition to free access from other database providers such as:

Jewish Genealogical Society Databases

A number of Jewish Genealogical Societies and JewishGen Special Interest Groups (SIG's) maintain proprietary databases that are accessible only to their dues-paying members.  The following organizations have generously agreed to make their databases available to all conference attendees in the resource room at no cost. Garri Regev representative of the Israel Genealogy Research Association will lead a workship to bring their database to you!

JewishGen andJRI-Poland Database Workshops and Resource Room Access

Representatives of JewishGen and JRI-Poland will lead Workshops (fee required) and offer free access to their immense crowd-sourced Jewish genealogy databases. Other SIGs including Gesher Galicia, Austria-Czech, Litvak SIG and others  will make their databases available in the resource room as well all week! Rabbi Avraham Laber will lead a presentation on his web resource

Hundreds of additional links to free databases grouped on our resource room computers by category:

Canada, Europe, General Interest, Government Archives, Holocaust, Immigration and Naturalization, Israel, Latin America, Maps, Military Records, Miscellaneous, Newspapers, Sephardic, South Africa and United States

Preliminary Resource Room daily hours (may vary prior to dates of the conference)

Sun     July 23    9:00 a -6:00 p
Mon   July 24    9:00 a -6:00 p
Tue     July 25     9:00 a -6:00 p
Wed  July 26     9:00 a -10 PM  ProQuest Day!
Thu    July 28     9:00 a- 5:00 p
Fri      July 29      9:00 a -12 noon*

  • Please check final conference schedule to ascertain which databases will be available on Friday.

Details for making arrangements to meet with database consultants and other conference mentors will be published on our Web site and emailed to participants before the conference.

Bring a USB Drive!

It is best to bring with you an USB drive to make copies of any records/newspaper articles etc. that you may find of value. The links to the databases will only be on the resource room computers and their links/password/ user names will not be shared for your personal computers. No exceptions! You are requested NOT to use your own subscriptions on any of the computers  accessing the subscription databases as many people will be accessing the same computers.