View the IAJGS 2017 Conference Program Tracks!

OK, IAJGS conference fans! We have been deluged with requests for our conference schedule and while we are adjusting times and rooms to accommodate the over 300 presentations, meetings, workshops, mentoring sessions, breakfasts, luncheons, banquets, keynote lectures and other assorted offerings, we thought we would release to the world the Tracking Plan that is our guide in planning the event!

Click here to see the incredibly diverse offerings of this years conference, which we have grouped into three program tracks for each morning and afternoon of the conference.

The programs this year are spectacular, covering all the subjects near and dear to our hearts from past conferences, but in addition we are adding full week-long tracks on DNA (both YDNA and autosomal) and on Converso genealogy with special attention on records and history from the Inquisition and the Western Hemisphere. And on opening Sunday, our technology exhibitors will lecture all day on the ins and outs of their products. If you are a new participant, we will turn you into a knowledgeable practitioner; if you are a veteran who attends only occasionally, this is the IAJGS conference not to be missed! Stand by for the detailed schedule, which is only a day from publication. Last year the IAJGS conference ran out of hotel rooms, so don't delay in signing up for the conference and getting yourself a room and flight. For further information, please feel free to contact the conference chairs at

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