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There will be several ways to stay informed about plans for IAJGS 2017 in Orlando.

Our website at will be a major source of information. There will, of course, be the IAJGS Conference Facebook page and the ever popular discussion list. And then, there will be this blog. You should consider subscribing to it.

Someone once asked me to tell her the advantages of a blog over, say, the discussion list, Facebook, or Twitter. They each have their strong points. Probably the biggest advantage of a blog is that anyone may read a blog post without joining a particular website or establishing a password. Think of the blog as you would a website - no membership is required.

subscribeCompared to discussion list or Facebook posts, a blog provides a platform for more lengthy and perhaps complex information and explanations. Images and videos may be easily included in blog posts. And previous blog posts many be easily searched when you wish to find information or reread some of our pre-conference recommendations or advice.

Our goal here is to help you prepare for a great conference. We will keep you informed as plans for the conference coalesce. There will also be posts on research opportunities in the Seattle area as well as tourism and recreational options. Closer to the conference we intend to supply some tutorials on using the conference app and information about speakers, presentations, and exhibitors.

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feedly-512While on any IAJGS conference web page, in the sidebar on the left or the footer at the bottom, look for blog subscription options.

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